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Bug#: 156
Assigned To: Matthew Allen <>
Reporter: Richard Smith <>
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Description:   Opened: 2007-07-30 00:28
It is great to be able to have multiple accounts - I have 3 accounts and
therefore 3 identities. I would like it if I could set up email templates for
each one, also the email template doesnt seem to manage HTML ones.

------- Comment #1 From Matthew Allen 2007-07-31 00:44:07 -------
There are 3 different templates at the moment:
- New email
- Reply
- Forward

Which are all global, not per account. I assume what your asking for is, per
account versions of these 3 templates. Which seems reasonable. By default the
global ones would be used unless the user has specified a per account template.
Does that sound like what you want?

As for HTML in the templates. Yes that would be great, except that the built in
editor doesn't support HTML. In fact HTML editing is a whole huge can of worms
that needs to be solved in some way. The main requirements for HTML editing are:
- Needs to be cross platform (Linux, Mac, Windows)
- Needs to be a reasonable size (Downloadable binary size that is, not lots of MB's)
- Should be easy and intuitive to use and have a reasonable programming API.
- License compatible with commercial software

So far in my travels I haven't found anything that meets those criteria so hence
no HTML editing :(

------- Comment #2 From Richard Smith 2007-07-31 02:28:01 -------
Yes - per account would be great. I have personal account and business account
for instance and would want to use a template for business, and one for person.

As for HTML editing - how about having a template that is HTML, but the 'body'
of the email is what gets edited, therefore the template just needs to know
where to put the body text and the HTML can be parsed in with it. Just a thought.

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