Bug 92 - Account preview should list new mail first
Bug#: 92 Product:  i.Scribe/InScribe Version: v1.89 test1 Platform: All
OS/Version: All Status: RESOLVED Severity: enhancement Priority: P2
Resolution: FIXED Assigned To: fret@memecode.com Reported By: fret@memecode.com
Component: Email Functionality
Summary: Account preview should list new mail first
Opened: 2006-04-20 00:23
Description:   Opened: 2006-04-20 00:23
When previewing an account the listing should start at the newest mail and
it's way back to the first message.

------- Comment #1 From Matthew Allen 2006-04-20 12:29:26 -------
Now previews newest mail first. I simply reversed the order of the main mail
retreive loop. Doesn't cache old headers yet.