Bug 177 - importing contacts
Bug#: 177 Product:  i.Scribe/InScribe Version: v1.90 test1 Platform: PC
OS/Version: Windows XP Status: RESOLVED Severity: normal Priority: P1
Resolution: FIXED Assigned To: fret@memecode.com Reported By: j.viehland@sbcglobal.net
Component: Import/Export Data
Summary: importing contacts
Opened: 2008-02-12 03:51
Description:   Opened: 2008-02-12 03:51
Importing contacts from csv file into v1.90 test2 did not work.  No fields were
assignable and no import occurred.

------- Comment #1 From Matthew Allen 2008-02-12 04:02:00 -------
Please attach an example csv file for me to have a look at.

------- Comment #2 From Matthew Allen 2008-02-13 02:23:38 -------
This is fixed for the next release. Thanks for reporting.