Bug 139 - Trying to forward a message I get Scribe text instead
Bug#: 139 Product:  i.Scribe/InScribe Version: v1.89 test9 Platform: PC
OS/Version: Windows XP Status: RESOLVED Severity: normal Priority: P5
Resolution: FIXED Assigned To: fret@memecode.com Reported By: DeepAqua@gmail.com
Component: Email Functionality
Summary: Trying to forward a message I get Scribe text instead
Opened: 2006-12-10 05:47
Description:   Opened: 2006-12-10 05:47
When I click the forward button instead of seeing the message as a forward, I
see the following:

---------- Original Message ----------
To: lt;mail.to[0].namegt; (lt;mail.to[0].emailgt;)
From: lt;mail.from.namegt; (lt;mail.from.emailgt;)
Subject: lt;mail.subjectgt;
Date: lt;mail.datesentgt;

lt;mail.bodyastext quote=scribe.quotegt;

------- Comment #1 From Matthew Allen 2006-12-10 09:22:22 -------
This is fixed in the dev build already. So either you can revert to test7, the
last good build in relation to this issue or wait for test10.

------- Comment #2 From Nick Schirmer 2006-12-17 03:27:23 -------
Test 10 still has this issue. I see the exact same script when I try reply as I
posted before.

------- Comment #3 From Matthew Allen 2006-12-17 03:33:26 -------
Can you open up your options, go to the general tab, and see whats in the reply
and forward format?

I suspect that you have corrupted templates for reply/forwarding, but the code
that generated your corrupt templates is now fixed. So it might just be corrupt
data that is the issue, and not a problem in the code.

When I made the fix I tested it for the case that a) you do a clean install and
b) you upgrade from a scribe.r file. Both of which passed (eventually) with
flying colours. But if what in fact happened in your case is that you upgraded
to a buggy version, which corrupted the templates and then you upgraded again to
a good version then you'll still have the corrupt templates from the buggy
version in your options file.

For reference the default templates are:

---------- Original Message ----------
To: <mail.to[0].name> (<mail.to[0].email>)
From: <mail.from.name> (<mail.from.email>)
Subject: <mail.subject>
Date: <mail.datesent>

<mail.bodyastext quote=scribe.quote>

------- Comment #4 From Nick Schirmer 2006-12-17 03:42:04 -------
I have replaced the template with the default provided. This has fixed the

Thank you for your help