Bug 138 - iscribe crashes
Bug#: 138 Product:  i.Scribe/InScribe Version: v1.89 test9 Platform: PC
OS/Version: Windows XP Status: RESOLVED Severity: major Priority: P2
Resolution: FIXED Assigned To: fret@memecode.com Reported By: j.viehland@sbcglobal.net
Component: Bayesian Filter
Summary: iscribe crashes
Opened: 2006-12-04 23:02
Description:   Opened: 2006-12-04 23:02
When manually clicking the rebuild Bayesian word lists, iscribe crashes.  Below
is a copy of the Crashdata:

Unhandled Exception
  Code: c0000005

Call stack:
77C42A16: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll Offset: 0x750 (wscanf)
10014F9E: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x8B (GStream::Print)
0040A2E0: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x2CB (ScribeWnd::BuildSpamDb)
100247D5: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x510 (GWindow::OnEvent)
00410A4C: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0xCB9 (ScribeWnd::OnEvent)
1001F966: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x55 (GWin32Class::Redir)
77D48734: C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll Offset: 0x6D (GetDC)
1001CF97: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Lgi.dll Offset: 0x57 (GApp::Run)
0041A193: C:\Program Files\Scribe\Scribe.exe Offset: 0x3F79 (ScribeWnd::MailMerge)
7C816FD7: C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll Offset: 0x49 (RegisterWaitForInputIdle)

------- Comment #1 From Matthew Allen 2006-12-06 07:48:44 -------
Fixed for test10.