Bug 124 - From field displays "To:" email address
Bug#: 124 Product:  i.Scribe/InScribe Version: v1.89 test7 Platform: PC
OS/Version: Windows XP Status: RESOLVED Severity: minor Priority: P3
Resolution: FIXED Assigned To: fret@memecode.com Reported By: moonlight.solutions@tesco.net
Component: User Interface
Summary: From field displays "To:" email address
Opened: 2006-10-20 11:27
Description:   Opened: 2006-10-20 11:27
When selecting a specific from address in the compose e-mail form the from 
address is displayed as To: Email@host.com

The default display does not show the "To:" - this ONLY happens when you select 
an address and it does not affect the e-mail sending