Groupware Connector for sharing calendars, contacts, email and public folders.
i.Disk Disk space visualisation tool.
i.Ftp Small FTP/SFTP client.
i.Hex Hex viewer/editor for large files.
i.Look Screen magnification tool, text search replace, others...
i.Mage Pixel editor.
i.Scribe/InScribe Lightweight and safe email client, calendar and address book.
i.Task Process view + kill for Linux/X11.
Lgi Lightweight GUI interface, cross platform application framework.
libsharedmime Library for reading the MIME type database for the purpose of mime typing files.
PhoneAble Sets your iTunes Library key to match your iPhone.
Roll Credits Image -> credits movie.
RosterUs Web based rostering system.
XpAssociate File association editor for Windows XP.